Clearing Past Life Issues Using Quantum Energy Work

I want to share a personal experience and a method of clearing of past life issues that I was guided to do for myself in May 2011 about 3 weeks before my last trip to the Casa in June – August 2011 (10 weeks). Most people are familiar with reiki but not many know about energetic healing with quantum. The energies on our beautiful planet now are shaking things up and causing major shifts. The quantum energy work that I’m about to describe to you can be used to help you clear any energetic roadblocks that you might be feeling in your life now. I learned to work with the quantum energy field during my medical intuitive training years ago.

In March/April I was focused on manifesting the financial freedom to do my spiritual work and allow me to elevate it to the next level. I had already received clear guidance on what the action was to be. I asked to see white roses as a sign to take action, so I took action after I saw white roses at Costco one day while having new tires put on my SUV in mid-April. I will not tell you what action I took or what my guidance was. Just understand that I had the sign to take action and knew what to do.

You may or may not know that when you feel good, you are thinking about what you want and when you feel bad, you are thinking about the lack of what you want, or what you don’t want. For a month after taking action, my emotions were ranging from excitement and anticipation to worry and fear. When I didn’t feel good, I knew that I was not vibrationally inline with my intention to manifest money to give me the financial freedom. The closer it got to my return to the Casa on 14 June 2011, the more my fears grew and I was having difficulty shifting my vibration to feel good.

One night in mid-May before going to sleep, I decided to ask for clarity using one of my oracle decks. The card that jumped out was “FEAR”. I thought to myself “No shit! I know I’m dealing with fear, but I’m going to bed now and will deal with it in the morning.

When I awoke, I thanked God for my life and asked “what do I need to do to clear the fear?” I got one word in reply “Quantum.” I knew what that meant but needed more clarity so after breakfast I sat on the sofa where I meditate and prepared to face my fears and learn more.

I began to think “what if I don’t get the money to support myself” and let my ego mind run with it so that I could truly feel all the fear. I kept asking myself to go deeper and I talked my way through this process with lots of tears. I was feeling every bit of the fear. I knew I was in touch with my deepest fears and needed to clear them, but I was too upset to do the quantum work yet so I needed to get calm and centered and knew only one way to do that.

I am a Daughter of the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil and I asked to be baptized at the Casa in June 2010. I felt it was time to take my connection to the mission of the Casa and the spirits of Light that work there to the next level. When I got baptized I was given a candle and the Entity told me to NEVER lose it. Whenever I have major life decisions, emergencies or really need help, I light the candle and call on St Ignatius,St Johnthe Baptist and Dr Augusto de Almeida (all spirits that are part of the group consciousness of the Casa). I look at that candle as my SOS flare when I’m in trouble.

So I lit my candle and sent my SOS and called for help. Then I meditated with my crystals for a few minutes, connecting to the energies of the Entities, and they calmed me down. Once calm I energetically decided I needed to go into the Inner Chamber of my heart to see what is there. When I entered, I saw a childlike version of myself cowering in the corner sensing she was afraid to use her power. I thought to myself “NO, this does not serve me.” So now that I was calm and focused it was finally time to do the quantum work. To do this quantum work, I must be neutral to allow me to gain clear access to my intuition.

I cannot explain how I work with the quantum since it took me years to learn it, but I can tell you what issues my energy told me needed to be cleared over the next 3 weeks to clear all blocks before returning to the Casa.

Every issue whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual started somewhere in our soul’s existence. Think of this as the seed thought. It’s like a dandelion seed that spread like a weed and kept going up to this incarnation if it was not healed prior. The way this quantum work clears an issue is by determining the seed thought or issue that needs clearing in whatever incarnation and releases it. Think of the quantum field as the library of your soul or the Akashic records. Since the Universe doesn’t like a void, something must replace what is released. A person always has free will as to how much they are willing to release an issue and this quantum work is no different. If a person is not totally ready to release an issue, they release some and have an escrow of the remaining quantum energy waiting until they are ready to release the remainder. This is not on a conscious level. The quantum work can take days or weeks to run its course. When I do this work on a client, I ask the client’s energy how long the quantum needs to run, how many days they will be detoxing to clear the released energy from their physical body, how much water they need to drink while detoxing, and if there is another issue connected to the original one that needs to be cleared and if so, when.

Now that you understand a little about what is involved in this quantum work, I will tell you what my issues where and what issues popped up over the next 3 weeks to be cleared as well:

First Set of Issues (days to complete): Fear of Success (5), Fear of Money (3), and Fear of Abuse (1) to be run concurrently. So after 5 days, these 3 issues were cleared. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and was very calm.

When I intuitively touched into the fear of abuse, I sensed it was a belief and not something I had done. I wanted more details from spirit so two days later I went to Arlington Metaphysical Chapel to attend a Guides & Teachers Circle. I have attended circles like this for 4 years. They have allowed me to get to know my spirit guides and helpers and communicate with them via a trance medium. My intuition is clairsentient and claircognizant for now and sometimes I just want to chat with spirit directly. At this circle, I discussed the work I’d done on the fears and asked for clarity on the “fear of abuse.” I was told to forgive myself from my past and that I had been deceived into believing I had abused or that my powers would abuse. I was also told that I had a belief that if I am successful in finances or anything else that it separates me from those that are poor or in need, and there is no difference. My guide told me to keep doing what I was doing because it would affect the unconscious and to work with the Higher Self where all things have been stored. This verified to me that I was to keep doing quantum work on myself until I sensed all things were cleared.

So after the 5 days were up from the 1st set of issues, I ran the quantum for my belief of “Separation From Others If I Am Successful”. And a few days later, I cleared my belief of “Not Good Enough”. A few days later, I cleared my belief “I’m Not Worthy”. And finally, a week before leaving for the Casa, I cleared an emotional issue of “Control”. At this point, I intuitively felt there were no other issues to work on.

I am still working on my manifestation of financial freedom and when I have manifested that I will write about it as well, but for now I hope you understand the power of this quantum work. I didn’t realize how I had been self-sabatoging anything that would lead to financial success in my life until I learned of my past life issues. I sense I have some minor issues to clear with the quantum yet but the major issues are GONE   🙂

It takes 20-30 minutes to do quantum energy work and can easily be done distantly. I worked distantly on a friend the same weeks I worked on myself before we returned to the Casa. We are both focused on manifesting financial freedom to allow us to do our spiritual work. Her 1st set of issues were different but she also had “Fear of Success” and the last 3 issues were the same as mine. She also felt a calmness and sense of relief after her 1st set of quantum work. We both went to the Casa in June with a complete sense of worthiness, trust in ourselves and spirit, and were fearless.

If you would like  to schedule a healing session, email me at or call me at 703-924-3768. You can learn more at

Love and Light!


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Omega John of God Event 2010 (Rhinebeck, NY)

Before I can tell you what happened at the Omega Institute (Rhinebeck, NY) John of God Event on 27-30 Sept 2010, I have to tell you what happened to me the week before. You see I didn’t realize that I’d received a miracle until driving to upstate New York with a packed car of metaphysical friends. So I’m going to start with a little background on my plans to attend Omega, then what happened to me on drive up to NY, then my Omega experience, and finally what happened days after Omega.

In March 2010, I was speaking with Medium Joao in his office and when I asked if he wanted me at Omega, he said “Yes”. After I registered for the Omega event in June, I began a mental request for the Entities of the Casa to help my eyes so I can drive to NY for the Omega event. I had never driven more than 3 hours straight. I do not like road trips much less driving long distances because wearing my glasses to drive really tires out my eyes, which makes me exhausted. [You see, I’ve had an astigmatism for 20 years for distance since undergrad at Loyola College, MD.] Needless to say, I had committed myself to being a staff medium at the event to work to hold the energies to support Medium Joao and the Entities. I wanted to give back and show my gratitude for all the help I had already received from the Entities of Light for the past 1.5 years.

So now it’s Sunday 26 Sept and I’m driving through New Jersey. Lots of tolls and traffic. After about 3 hours in the car, I decided to take off my glasses because my eyes were getting tired. If my eyes begin to twitch and strain from the distance, I would put my glasses back on. We were in bumper-to-bumper traffic so no big deal. Well guess what? I have never put my prescription glasses back on since I took them off that day. My eyes never strained even when I was driving at night with the rain and headlights coming at me on a two-lane dark road in New York.

The Entities healed my eyesight and took away my glasses!

After this realization sunk in, I remembered that I’d had a headache behind my eyes for 4 days straight the week before prior. On the 5th day, my head was clear and I could focus and read, but for those 4 days I had a difficult time using my eyes and focusing on anything. I even got on my crystal bed and asked the Entities to fix the headache.   🙂

So now I’ve arrived in New York and it’s Day 1 of Omega Event. About 1,200 people attended the AM session. Medium Joao spoke and incorporated in the main tent only before this 1st session began. I sat in current for 5 hours and the energy felt chaotic. By the time we got out of current, we had 45 minutes to get lunch and return to prepare for the PM session. The PM session had two rounds of spiritual interventions/operations so all 3 current rooms, except for 4 people chosen to hold the corners, were to be left open for people scheduled for intervention. Me and the rest of staff mediums sat out in main tent with the crowds, holding the space while interventions occurred in other building, until we were allowed to go sit in the Medium’s current room after all interventions were complete.

At Omega, I saw many familiar faces that I’d only met at the Casa in Brazil. The food at Omega was organic vegetarian and delicious. I enjoyed seeing how my vibration was affected for 3 days without eating any meat.  I made new friends. Synchronicities happened.

For 3 days I’d sat in current with my eyes closed, never going before the Entity to make any request. At end of Day 3 PM session, I felt that I had to go speak to the Entity. I wanted to thank him for my eyes and ask for help and support for the upcoming Sunday where I was going to take my crystal bed and facilitate sessions at an all day holistic expo in Maryland. So when the call came out at the end of the session for any staff mediums that hadn’t spoken to the Entity yet to go up, I opened my eyes and walked up.

When I got up to the front where the Entity was sitting, there was a woman and the translator Heather Cumming both kneeling in front of the Entity, which I thought was strange. The Entity looked up at me and we locked eyes. I had no idea who it was but my heart began to go a mile-a-minute. There was a man named Ernie in front of me waiting. After the woman finished, Cosmi went up and knelt to speak to the Entity. I heard him tell the Entity that he was coming back to the Casa in June, to which the Entity replied That’s a long time. Don’t wait so long.”

At the end of their conversation, the Entity told Ernie to sit in his chair, then he stood up and walked toward me with his right hand extended. Heather was holding his left hand. I just stared in the Entity’s eyes and held his hand between my hands. I quickly spoke my requests in portuguese, much to surprise of Heather: “Thank you with my eyes. I ask for help and support on Sunday because I’m taking my crystal bed to a holistic exposition.”  His reponse to me was Where?” So I told him Maryland and he asked Heather where that was. She explained that it was about 4 hours south of New York. He then asked me what I was going to do there, so I explained in english and Heather translated. The entire time I was holding His hand, I was getting energy. Then he looked at me with a smile and told me “Tomorrow I am going to work on your hands. Sit here (next to him on floor).” I said “Thank You” and sat on the floor. There was one other person to speak to the Entity, then I heard Heather take Medium Joao outside where he was back and the session was complete. Heather came back in a minute later and told us that the Entity wanted us to know it was Dom Inacio the last 5-10 minutes of the session.

I finally met and spoke with St Ignatius of Loyola himself. I was still shaking for 10 minutes after the session ended due to the energy he’d given me while holding my hand. AWESOME!!!

So that was my big surprise. I finally met the patron of the Casa. Now that I’ve met him, I will definitely recognize his energy again. His face radiated compassion and his energy was immense yet gentle. And yes, he did make Medium Joao’s body puff up bigger than normal.

On Day 4 Thursday PM at the end of the last session, I went before the Entity again. So when the call went out for staff mediums to go before the Entity at end of session, I got in line. This time the Entity was leaning to his left and looked familiar to me energetically but I didn’t try to figure out who it was. I just went up, grabbed his hand and told him I was coming back to the Casa in January. The Entity just held my hand and smiled and told me “I want to thank you for all the work you’ve been doing. You are to continue.” I said “Thank You” and went back to work in my seat. Minutes later, the Entity told everyone they could open their eyes and see the work. He announced himself as (Entity) Jose Pentiado. He took a man’s walking stick and threw it to the floor, ran energy down the man’s torso to feet, and told the man to walk and sit in the current. The man showed immense gratitute bowing to Entity Jose, then walked and sat in the current. After that, I knew which spirit had thanked me for the work. After the event was complete, everyone was happy and thrilled with the work.

OK….so now let’s move forward to Sunday 3 October and the Pathways Natural Living Expo in Maryland. This was the first time I’d ever had a booth in an expo. I was told I had an 8×8 space which I thought would be big enough. I got to my Booth #9 space and was in the middle of setting up the crystal bed and just mentally asked the Entities and Dom Inacio to make it work because it was going to be tight and I really didn’t see how it would be an effective space for healing.

I was about half setup when one of the staff members walked up to me and asked me if I would like to move out to the main hallway where I would have a lot more space. Of course, I said “Yes” and began moving things to the new location. I could not have asked for a better location. I had ample space and the clients on the crystal bed had privacy with my shoji screens. From 10:30am – 6:45pm I facilitated 20-20 min crystal bed healing sessions. I was completely booked by 1:30pm and had to tell visitors to come to my house to get a session. The entire time the crystal bed was in operation, I felt the presence of the Entities of the Casa as well as energy being run through my body to help hold the space for the healing.

I am definitely a Medium of the Casa. Thank you Dom Inacio!!!

Here are 2 pictures of the booth from expo:

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Casa Mediums and Catholic Priest Mediums. God’s Love Heals.

Well everyone….it’s been a week since I got back from the Aug-Sept 2010 trip to the Casa and have finally writen about the main lesson for me: Catholic Priests who are Mediums and are doing healing in public. Yep….This trip for me was all about finding out that there are Roman Catholic Priests in the USA who are channels for God’s love/healing.

Well, I was raised Catholic and went to Loyola College (connection to St Ignatius of Loyola…started Society of Jesus/Jesuit order) but I never felt comfortable with any religious box of rules. After learning reiki in 2003, I began exploring my spiritual connection to God and continued to focus on personal/spiritual development. Somewhere I disconnected from the “church” and let my spirit guide me. I put being Catholic behind me. Let me tell you about what I learned and who I met in August.

My first point of intrigue was meeting Father Steve Porter from California. He had come to the same pousada where my group was staying to do 2 weekend retreats: 1) The 12 step program for those with additions and 2) Discerning God’s will using the Ignatian Principles. When I found out Steve was a medium, I told him he intrigued me because he’s a Catholic Priest who is a medium and who acknowledges it in public. He understood. I knew I was meant to connect with him and told him I wanted to chat with him before he left but had to wait until I got more clarity on what we were to discuss. Steve has been connected to and communicating with St Ignatius (Dom Inacio) for 40 years, ever since he started learning the Ignatian Principles taught by Jesuits while in seminary.

Steve received the intuitive message to not eat meat the Saturday before his first retreat started and then was told mid-week that he could eat meat the following Saturday. Steve went to the Casa (not his initial intent) during the week between retreats. Over the 3 days, Steve was put to work by the Entity in various current rooms. On Friday, the Entity asked Steve what he thought about the Casa. Steve said “It’s God’s work. It’s spiritual healing.” The Entity replied “Good!”

I know Father Steve Porter essentially had the rug pulled out from under him by the Entities, esp when I found out he hadn’t planned to go to the Casa at all. Apparently, Dom Inacio had other plans for him…LOL. Father Steve lives near Los Angeles and is preparing for a reality TV show about being a Catholic Priest in the USA and raising awareness on spirituality and healing. Check out his website at and St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Rialto, CA if you are in the area and want to attend one of his healing masses where he lays on hands and channels God’s energy for healing. [Sound familiar???]

Another interesting synchronicity was that I found out about Father Ron Roth (now in spirit) who Medium Joao called “brother” because he did spiritual healing in the USA and channelled the Holy Spirit. There were lots of Ron Roth followers at the Casa that I met this trip. You have to understand that up until this trip I had never heard of a Catholic Priest channelling God’s love for healing, much less claiming to be a medium for God’s energy. Check out to learn more about the Celebrating Life Ministries work of Ron Roth.

For me major “aha moments” happen in 3s. So I came home wondering who the third priest would be and when I’d find out. I didn’t have to wait long because two days after I got home I received an email from another Loyola Alumni (who actually went to the John of God Omega event in Sept 2009) about Father Stefan Starzynski in Fairfax County, Virginia. He is a priest at Saint Mary of Sorrows Parish and does a healing mass the second Saturday of every month at 7:30pm. I also live in Fairfax County.

As always, I go to the Casa with no expectation and just tell the Entities to surprise me and put me in touch with whom I’m meant to connect with. Needless to say, meeting Father Steve Porter was very important for me. I had a profound experience while attending a mass on the Casa overlook with Steve and 2 other pastors assisting. All I can say was that I was surrounded by so much love that I couldn’t hold back the tears. Steve told me he saw many spirits around me after the communion, which was the first time in years since I’d been to a Catholic mass much less received the eucharist.

My impression is that the work these Priest are publicly doing spiritual healing (God’s work) is a vital role we need more of in the USA. People are too afraid of what they don’t understand and often don’t understand that spirituality is the underlying common thread among all world religions. It is God who heals! There is no magic! It’s all spiritual work!

With all the people who cannot afford health care and who have illnesses that western medicine cannot cure (85%), spiritual healing offers them an option to help heal themselves and take responsibility for their lives. It will be interesting to see just how visible the work of priests such as Steve, Ron and Stefan become as we approach 2012. Raising awareness about spirituality and spiritual healing is so important!

All love!  Kathy

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