Casa Mediums and Catholic Priest Mediums. God’s Love Heals.

Well everyone….it’s been a week since I got back from the Aug-Sept 2010 trip to the Casa and have finally writen about the main lesson for me: Catholic Priests who are Mediums and are doing healing in public. Yep….This trip for me was all about finding out that there are Roman Catholic Priests in the USA who are channels for God’s love/healing.

Well, I was raised Catholic and went to Loyola College (connection to St Ignatius of Loyola…started Society of Jesus/Jesuit order) but I never felt comfortable with any religious box of rules. After learning reiki in 2003, I began exploring my spiritual connection to God and continued to focus on personal/spiritual development. Somewhere I disconnected from the “church” and let my spirit guide me. I put being Catholic behind me. Let me tell you about what I learned and who I met in August.

My first point of intrigue was meeting Father Steve Porter from California. He had come to the same pousada where my group was staying to do 2 weekend retreats: 1) The 12 step program for those with additions and 2) Discerning God’s will using the Ignatian Principles. When I found out Steve was a medium, I told him he intrigued me because he’s a Catholic Priest who is a medium and who acknowledges it in public. He understood. I knew I was meant to connect with him and told him I wanted to chat with him before he left but had to wait until I got more clarity on what we were to discuss. Steve has been connected to and communicating with St Ignatius (Dom Inacio) for 40 years, ever since he started learning the Ignatian Principles taught by Jesuits while in seminary.

Steve received the intuitive message to not eat meat the Saturday before his first retreat started and then was told mid-week that he could eat meat the following Saturday. Steve went to the Casa (not his initial intent) during the week between retreats. Over the 3 days, Steve was put to work by the Entity in various current rooms. On Friday, the Entity asked Steve what he thought about the Casa. Steve said “It’s God’s work. It’s spiritual healing.” The Entity replied “Good!”

I know Father Steve Porter essentially had the rug pulled out from under him by the Entities, esp when I found out he hadn’t planned to go to the Casa at all. Apparently, Dom Inacio had other plans for him…LOL. Father Steve lives near Los Angeles and is preparing for a reality TV show about being a Catholic Priest in the USA and raising awareness on spirituality and healing. Check out his website at and St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Rialto, CA if you are in the area and want to attend one of his healing masses where he lays on hands and channels God’s energy for healing. [Sound familiar???]

Another interesting synchronicity was that I found out about Father Ron Roth (now in spirit) who Medium Joao called “brother” because he did spiritual healing in the USA and channelled the Holy Spirit. There were lots of Ron Roth followers at the Casa that I met this trip. You have to understand that up until this trip I had never heard of a Catholic Priest channelling God’s love for healing, much less claiming to be a medium for God’s energy. Check out to learn more about the Celebrating Life Ministries work of Ron Roth.

For me major “aha moments” happen in 3s. So I came home wondering who the third priest would be and when I’d find out. I didn’t have to wait long because two days after I got home I received an email from another Loyola Alumni (who actually went to the John of God Omega event in Sept 2009) about Father Stefan Starzynski in Fairfax County, Virginia. He is a priest at Saint Mary of Sorrows Parish and does a healing mass the second Saturday of every month at 7:30pm. I also live in Fairfax County.

As always, I go to the Casa with no expectation and just tell the Entities to surprise me and put me in touch with whom I’m meant to connect with. Needless to say, meeting Father Steve Porter was very important for me. I had a profound experience while attending a mass on the Casa overlook with Steve and 2 other pastors assisting. All I can say was that I was surrounded by so much love that I couldn’t hold back the tears. Steve told me he saw many spirits around me after the communion, which was the first time in years since I’d been to a Catholic mass much less received the eucharist.

My impression is that the work these Priest are publicly doing spiritual healing (God’s work) is a vital role we need more of in the USA. People are too afraid of what they don’t understand and often don’t understand that spirituality is the underlying common thread among all world religions. It is God who heals! There is no magic! It’s all spiritual work!

With all the people who cannot afford health care and who have illnesses that western medicine cannot cure (85%), spiritual healing offers them an option to help heal themselves and take responsibility for their lives. It will be interesting to see just how visible the work of priests such as Steve, Ron and Stefan become as we approach 2012. Raising awareness about spirituality and spiritual healing is so important!

All love!  Kathy


About Kathy South

Kathy South is a spiritual teacher/healer/medium and group leader to the Casa de Dom Inacio where John of God has his spiritual hospital in Brazil. Several times a year Kathy leads groups to the Casa for healing of mind-body-spirit. Kathy is a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui, Sekhem-Seichim, Karuna, and Lightarian traditions, as well as a Quantum Pracitioner and Medical Intuitive.
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2 Responses to Casa Mediums and Catholic Priest Mediums. God’s Love Heals.

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Congratulations and God bless you for all you do!
    I am so delighted to hear that! If fact what in the world is so hard to understand… Jesus was a medium, a healer, a teacher… “follow me” simply means Love unconditionally, but why not, follow Him in a more profound way. Being a medium, a healer and treacher is honoring Jesus. I guess all it takes is humbleness and an open mind. We must always mention that we give THROUGH us, not from us. God is at the core of everything.

    Many blessings,

  2. Darcy Nelson says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing experience. I loved how you discussed Catholic Priests and their role also in this healing work. When you said, “My impression is that the work these Priest are publicly doing spiritual healing (God’s work) is a vital role we need more of in the USA. People are too afraid of what they don’t understand and often don’t understand that spirituality is the underlying common thread among all world religions. It is God who heals! There is no magic! It’s all spiritual work!

    Because In the past I have had such problems because of unknowingly being involved with a religious Cult, that I realize I pretty much closed the door to all religions, in my life. It was so refreshing to read your words. I feel so much more whole when I no longer feel the need to limit my trust and love in this way. God can and does use willing people in all walks of life to teach and heal others!

    I also totally agree with your words, It is God who does the work, and there is no magic! It IS ALL SPIRITUAL WORK!

    You are really a great example in trust and faith!

    Thank you!
    Darcy Nelson

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